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What are Current Plans, New Plans, and Past Plans?
What are Current Plans, New Plans, and Past Plans?
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Over time, you will build up a history of plans with your clients. There may be times when your client is working through one plan while you are creating a new plan for them. Because of this, we've segmented your client's plans into three sections: Current Plan, New Plans, and Past Plans. 

  • Current Plan: is the plan you want them focused on at any given time. If they have never been given a plan before, this will simply be the first plan you send them.

  • New Plans: If you do send them a new plan while they are still working on an existing plan, your new plan will land up in this section; think of it as the "on deck circle," where these New Plans are ones that they can use next.

  • Past Plans: are for all plans that have been completed.

Keep in mind, you have some control over these and where you want your client to focus. You have the ability to make a New Plan their Current Plan by using this function here:

When you use this function, their current plan will be marked as complete and moved to their Past Plans section, so you do not want to use this feature while they are in the process of logging. 

Your clients will have all the same functions to make sure they are using the meal plan that best suits their needs.

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