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Why can't I print out a plan or specific "view?"
Why can't I print out a plan or specific "view?"
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When you request a PDF or print view of a plan from within your account, the PDF should either open in a new window or download to your desktop depending on your browser settings. Sometimes pop-up blockers can interfere with the opening of these new windows so you may need to adjust your settings to allow pop-ups from the Evolution Nutrition website.

More information on how to do this can be found by clicking the appropriate link for your browser below:

Safari (MacOS only)

Microsoft Edge (Windows only)

Internet Explorer (older Windows installs)

If you are using a third-party ad blocker or pop-up blocker you will need to refer to that product's official documentation or support forums.

Note: Some browsers, especially mobile ones, only allow pop-ups to be enabled or disabled in general and provide no site-by-site controls. If this is the case for you, you might consider enabling pop-ups in your browser but using a third-party blocker to control sites that you still want to restrict.

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