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Why does the program freeze sometimes?
Why does the program freeze sometimes?
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There are a number of factors that may contribute to page lag or "freezes" during loading:

Outdated Browser Version, Extensions, or Operating System:

Older browsers may not be 100% compatible with newer web functions. Because of this, we recommend that you make sure your browser and operating system are up-to-date. For more information, see this article.

Browser Extensions:

Some browser extensions and add-ons can cause speed issues, even when completely updated. For more information on troubleshooting browser issues, check out this article:

Data Calculations:

Evolution Nutrition offers detailed nutritional information to help you to understand the specifics of the plan you are using or creating. Sometimes these calculations can take a second or so. We employ a number of tactics to reduce these types of lags including extensive indexing of data and limiting the number of results loaded with any one request. We are continually reviewing our application and code to ensure that data is loaded in the most efficient way possible in order to avoid page lag issues. For instance, the plan selection screen only loads a limited number of plans until you scroll to the bottom of the list. If we loaded all 4200+ meal plans at once, there would be a significant lag while all the necessary calculations were performed and the data was loaded to your screen.

Internet Connection Speed:

Depending on your location and/or connection type, you may experience some page lag due to connection issues. For example, a public wifi connection or a guest network may have bandwidth limits in place. This can also be true for some corporate Internet connections, though it is less likely. You can test the speed of your connection by visiting:

VPN/Secured Internet Connections:

Evolution Nutrition is completely compatible with secure Internet connections, however, due to the way that some of these connections function, the connection speed may be a bit slower than a standard connection. If you are running through a VPN or otherwise secured connection, you may be able to increase your connection speed by disabling your VPN software. Please note that this solution may not be ideal if you are on a public wifi network such as a coffee shop or airport network.

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