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When I email a plan to a client, why aren't they receiving it?
When I email a plan to a client, why aren't they receiving it?
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There are several factors that can affect email deliverability. If your client doesn't see an email you sent, follow these steps to find the cause:

1. Verify the email address.

It may sound basic, but many times, email deliverability issues are a result of a typo in the email address itself. Check your client's email address in their dashboard and verify the exact spelling with them to ensure it hasn't been entered incorrectly.

2. Have your client check their Spam or Junk Mail folder.

Some email clients, such as Outlook, may categorize emails as spam based on their own algorithms and sometimes the only ways to avoid this feature from possibly mis-categorizing messages as spam are to either disable the feature completely or to add the sender to your contacts list. Most client facing emails from the Evolution Nutrition system will be sent from "".

Note: Some email clients may not include results from your Spam or Junk folders in search results, so it is always best to go directly to those folders to check for missing messages if it does not appear in your search results.

If none of these solutions work for you, please contact support and we can have our development team check to see if the receiving server returned an error for some reason.

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